Date of birth:

 8 January 1955 Klerksdorp


2015  BVA (honors) University of South Africa

1998  BADMIN University of South Africa (Industrial Psychology and Development Administration

Exhibition record (Group Exhibitions)

2018 Pretoria Arts Association. Member exhibition

2017 Pretoria Arts Association. Member exhibition

2014 Fourth Year exhibition. The Unisa Space Art Gallery, Kgorong Building

2014 Sasol New Signatures (Finalist) Pretoria Art Museum


2014 The Business of Art presented by Carol Brown

 2012 Molds and Castings presented by University of South Africa

2012 Print Making Presented by Justice Mokoena

I am an absolutely passionate activist. In my fourth year, studying Visual Arts, I encountered the photographic work of Brent Stirton and his powerful depiction of issues related to conflict, health and the environment. In my heart I know that we as artists have an obligation to speak out for those without a voice against the wrong doing in this world. Alzheimer’s disease  and the Euthanasia debate are two controversial  issues that I used in my installation work. A section of Euthanasia was exhibited in Sasol New Signatures 2013.    

I paint anything that speaks to my sole and appeals to my sense of aesthetics. I always paint a few paintings at the same time. Most of my art work are  commissioned work and when I feel the urge to create a painting for myself it ends up in an art collectors home throughout the country or as far as Scandinavia.

I would like to have a conversation with artists like  Rembrandt van Rijn, Vincent van Gogh, Henry Mattisse, Jan Asselijn, Salvador Dali, Malevich, Roy Lichtensein,  Banksey and ICY and SOT.

 On my recent visit to Amsterdam a found object became my pet project. A sidewalk mannequin fitted into my suitcase and parades now in a mosaic evening gown. Although I work in different mediums oil paint is my favorite. The paint is versatile and the colorful pallet is food for my sole.

Outgrowing my study cum studio, I invaded my husband Johan’s snooker room that turned out to be a pleasant place for painting, art projects and presenting art classes. Music is my driving force and helps me to focus while a glass Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot in the afternoon ends a productive day perfectly.